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The Beauty of Slow, Seasonal Living / Joy Found in The Pumpkin Patch

We were close to the land once. Once, the land was all that we knew. The land, like our mothers, taught us, fed us, clothed us, sheltered us, provided water and provisions for life-sustaining fire. We felt it's importance, it's essential place in all of our lives at every moment. The connection between life and the land cannot be severed but it can be forgotten.

We have all heard it before but it is a good thing to be reminded of. For many of us living in developed western countries the pace of life is fast, immediate, impatient, exhausting. Having constant, year-round supply of most fruits and vegetables plays it's part in our forgetting the cycles and rhythms of the land, though it has allowed millions to feed themselves and their own.

We live the lives we live. We move and adapt to the times of the places we live in, however, we owe it to ourselves, our bodies, our mental and emotional wellbeing to remind ourselves of those forgotten cycles and rhythms. With remembering comes respect and appreciation for the generous, beautiful land.

Learn how the seasons manifest in your local area. Take part in or host your own seasonal festivities. Forage for fruits, vegetables and medicine in your local area with a trusted identification guide and bring your friends!

Acknowledge the beauty and generosity of the land, all that it gives and give thanks. In doing so we are remembering a bigger part of ourselves, the land we live with. Broadening our sight and appreciation. Encourages patience and acceptance.

This year is the first I have been making an active effort to involve my loved ones in seasonal celebrations, so, I actively saught out a nearby pumpkin patch! Apparently I had been to pumpkin patches when I was a child but I was too young to remember today, all I knew was that a I desparately wanted to visit one this year. Choose a pumpkin or two or three, sip hot tea and laugh with my family. That was what I had hoped for and it really was just as sweet as I had hoped.

We learned their names, their flavours and planned which we would carve into jack o' lanterns and which we would cook.

Unlike other pumpkin patches many of them were still attached to their stalks where they had grown so we reached down and picked them ourselves, covering our hands in dried mud (which we all enjoyed). Making the most of what each season brings, brings joy. Creating games and merriment around these natural occurances.