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Welcoming Autumn

There is joy and belonging to be found in every season.

For much of my life the warmer seasons took my favour and as soon as the leaves would begin their fall, heralding the beginning of Autumn, I would feel a sadness. As if I was sure that the rest of the year would hold nothing but bitter cold and barren landscapes. But there is actually much beauty to be appreciated and joys to be participated in.

I do believe that our disconnect with nature's rhythms has much to do with our dread (or misunderstanding?) of the colder months. Shall we take a look at this together?

Naturally, while it is cold outside we must keep ourselves warm. This provides us with an ample supply of opportunities to come together with loved ones. To cook for ourselves, for others, to bake hearty breads and cakes to be enjoyed in solitude or in the company of others.

Respect and indulge the body's need to keep warm and nourished. Feed yourself and others. For centuries, the coming together of loved ones and communities has been central to the Autumn & Winter seasons. Indulge this to the full. How we crave it so.

Bundle up warm in your favourite knittwear and go out for a walk. Build a responsible fire in your garden or in the wild and share stories, share thanks and gratitude.

Autumn activities:

- Go for a walk in nature

- Invite friends and/ or family for a homecooked meal

- Visit friends, bring a small gift

- Drink sweet, warm, nourishing drinks

- Forage for wild delights (responsibly)

- Collect beautiful leaves & seeds to make presses

- Make apple cider

- Write a prayer/ intention of thanks for the seasons

- Litter picking with friends (a general good thing to do all year round)

- Decorate your home with golds, reds, yellows and orange

- Volunteer at a homeless shelter

- Give out socks, warm drinks and/ or a blanket to a homeless person

Wild foods to be delighted in this time of year (perfects time of year for pies, breads & syrups for the coming Winter!) :

- Blackberries

- Rosehips

- Hawthorn

- Strawberries (coming to the end)

- Hazelnuts

- Elderberries (my personal favourite)

- Yarrow

- Apples

- Pears

Love, Megan