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"Amazing candles. The roses they've used are just wonderful to me. It smells wonderful. Go and treat yourself to a candle or two."

Gaurangi - London, UK       

"In love with these hand crafted candles. Whether you’re thinking Rose Buds, Spiced Oranges or Lavender & Chamomile, they’ll make the perfect gift for just about anyone."

Atma Cafe - Cardiff, Wales

"My sweet friends, Ahimsa Soy Candles, who craft with a lot of heart. Honestly the nicest candles I've ever smelt. Show them some love!"

Kerry - Cardiff, Wales

"These beautifully scented candles have a wonderful smell. Thank you so much Megan for your hand crafted skill!"

Yamuna - London, UK

"A relaxing evening after work at home in the cabin. Thanks to my talented friends for supplying me with a beautiful Spiced Oranges Ahimsa Soy Candle they make which are also 100% soy wax & vegan!"

Rose & Daff. Ethical Designer - Cardiff, Wales

"Thank you, Megan, for my Ahimsa Soy Candles, they arrived today. Not only do they look lovely but they smell divine! The Spiced Oranges is lit and smelling beautiful in my fire place."

Emma - Carmarthenshire, Wales